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Vlaović: Strengthening int.cooperation is a prerequisite for the development of creative industries

16 December 2022

Strengthening international cooperation in creative industries is important for pursuing regional and global practices in this area and is a specific opportunity for creative persons, creators, and entrepreneurs to valorize their potential and talent, stated Maša Vlaović, Minister of Culture and Media, at the SEECP meeting of Culture Ministers: Creative Industries as a Driver of Sustainable Development in Culture.

Ms. Minister said that the meeting was focused mainly on the topic of creative industries as a driver of sustainable development in culture, adding that the experiences of others had been shared, including their national practices and support measures for sector development.

“ An innovative approach to creative industries and pursuing regional and global practices is a specific opportunity for creative persons, creators, and entrepreneurs to valorize their potential and talent. Therefore, I believe that creating better working and creating conditions for all those that deal with culture and creative industries is a priority of the institution I am managing,” said Vlaović.

She explained that the aim of the department she is heading is to contribute to strengthening international cooperation in creative industries through infrastructural capacities established in the past period and made available to the SEECP Participants.

“During the meeting, we agreed that we, as decision-makers in cultural policies, are obliged to create prerequisites for cooperation and networking of institutions and artists and that investing in creative industries in this context is essential for the economic self-sustainability of the system,” said Vlaović.

Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojčevska, Minister of Culture of North Macedonia, said she was pleased to attend the meeting in Cetinje, which discussed models to improve assistance to the sector of creative industries.

“North Macedonia hosted a two-day conference which discussed the influence of creative industries on the economy, with particular focus on women,” said Кostadinovska-Stojčevska.

She added that the North Macedonia Ministry of Culture supports creative industries and strives each year to provide even more outstanding support.

“International cooperation is one of the main prerequisites for creative industries and is very important for their development, said Кostadinovska-Stojčevska.

Velislav Minekov, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, believes that cooperation is a bridge that connects culture.

“The interests in culture are just being expressed. There is assistance in the form of cultural funds, which are quite large in Bulgaria. Last year, this assistance amounted to around 42 million levs. There are different cooperation programmes. We should support cultural industries more. I hope one day we will share borders with cultural industries and cultures,” said Minekov.

16 December 2022

Ministry of Culture and Media

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