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Founding participants:

  •  Albania

  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina

  •  Bulgaria

  •  Greece

  •  North Macedonia

  •  Romania

  •  Serbia (joined as Serbia and Montenegro)

  •  Türkiye

Joined later:

  •  Croatia (2005)

  •  Moldova (2006)

  •  Montenegro (2007)

  •  Slovenia (2010)

  •  Kosovo* (2014)



* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.

SEECP Chairpersonship - More info:

The SEECP is a regional non-institutionalized process co-ordinated by the presiding participant. The SEECP presidency lasts for one year and is rotated among the participants. The presiding participant presents the Process at international meetings and hosts the annual meeting of heads of state and government, foreign ministers meeting, and a number of annual meetings of political directors. Depending on the situation, the presiding participant may call extraordinary meetings.

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