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Participants welcomed the successful Podgorica CiO; the goal is common European future


Prime Minister and Coordinator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dritan Abazović hosted the foreign ministers and high-level representatives of the Participants of the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) in Budva.

Today’s meeting is one of the closing events of Montenegro’s SEECP CiO.

The Declaration was endorsed by the participants at the ministerial meeting, whose adoption is expected at the SEECP Summit. The participants congratulated Podgorica on its successful CiO and contribution to regional cooperation, which, as underlined, is a key element of the EU integration process. The activities focused on security and economic cooperation, sustainable development, the fight against corruption, and organized crime, have been commended. Participants condemned Russian aggression against Ukraine once more and confirmed solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Abazović welcomed the region’s accomplishments regarding their EU perspective in the past year, adding that our common main goal is membership in the EU, intensified cooperation, and security in South East Europe.

Along these lines, he indicated the importance of completing the work commenced in the area of the rule of law and the provision of better living standards to the benefit of all citizens.

He wished a successful CiO to the Foreign Minister of North Macedonia, the next SEECP CiO.


5 June 2023

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