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Athens CiO: 2nd Meeting of Directors General for European Affairs

The second meeting, first with the physical presence, of the Directors General for European Affairs in the framework of Athens’ SEECP Chairmanship in Office, was successfully held on Monday, May 16th, 2022, at the ATHENAEUM INTERCONTINENTAL of Athens.

Participants exchanged views, experiences, and information on important issues of common interest, focusing in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, on the following issues:

A) European Agenda:

- Enlargement, Association and Stabilization Process, Eastern Partnership: the way forward.

- Migration issues

B) Regional cooperation on sectoral issues: energy and climate change.

Representatives from the EEAS and RCC also participated in this second working meeting, which took place in the same vein as the first such meeting held via VTC (4.11.2021).

The EU Council’s current (French) and upcoming (Czech) Presidencies were also invited to attend.

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