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- Exchange of best practices on functioning democratic institutions, rule of law and human rights, especially in the context of the European prospect of SEE region


The promotion of the European prospect of the region has been a high priority of SEECP from day one. After 25 years, despite the changes in both the EU and our region, this perspective is even more relevant, as the EU remains a common reference point for all SEECP participants, in various ways.

It is crucial that the European prospect of the region is not compromised by Euroscepticism, ultranationalism and xenophobia, bringing forward the benefits of the cooperation with each other and the EU through solidarity and socioeconomic support. At the same time, it is important to stay focused on the key objectives on the European path, exchanging views and lessons learnt, in an all-inclusive manner, with regard to strengthening the democratic process by applying the necessary reforms in rule of law and human rights, coping with corruption and other challenges.

The spirit of all-inclusiveness and regional ownership that defines the Process can provide an added value to relevant discussions within EU and other fora, contributing to the overall efforts to bring the region even closer to the EU.

Image by Jonas Jacobsson
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