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ii. Brain drain, developing the quality of human capital and education


Brain drain has been occupying the agenda of the region for some time. After the late 1990s, a significant number of people did return to the region. Nonetheless, in the last decade, unmet economic expectations and negative perceptions towards the quality of life in SEE resulted in a new wave of emigration from the region. It is important to develop regional responses to overcome brain drain, which stands out as one of the most prominent socio-economic problems in the region.
Developing the quality of human capital through training and education, while avoiding skill mismatch is required. In cooperation with relevant the private sector representatives, development of small and medium enterprises is also necessary.
Exchange of views on education and training, sharing national experience in digitalization in education and training, carrying out common work on special education, exchange of information on employment practices and exploring views of diaspora and opinion leaders will also help the Participants to work together under this priority topic.

Image by Jonas Jacobsson
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